2000 xjr cranks but immediately dies

(Robert) #1

Drove my Jag seven miles to garage for an oil change. Ran perfectly, mechanic drove onto the lift, changed oil & filter. Then, and now, it cranks then dies. Drops these codes b2368, b1595, u2012, u1135, u1041. Can’t find these so far. Internet is still down from Hurricane Michael, so I’m parked outside a closed library using their wi-fi. All help appreciated. Sealily

(David Jauch) #2

2368: something oxygen sensor related maybe.
1595: ignition switch illegal input code
2012: can bus port failure…https://jec.org.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3735
1041: maybe a wheel sensor

No idea what can be wrong. Either a bad contact somewhere, or battery voltage issues but whatever it is I’d let the dealer work on it. It could be a anti theft function, not running the fuel pump and the 1595 but I really don’t get something clear either. Good luck and sorry about the hurricane…

(David Jauch) #3

Check for voltage at fuel pumps.

(Robert) #4

Thanks David: I’m off to the garage where the car is located. First thing seems to be checking the battery and power to fuel pumps. I love where I live but I’m between two fair sized cities. nearest is 50 miles, the next 80 miles in the other direction. I’ll share once I know what’s happens. Robert

(David Jauch) #5

The reason I came up with the fuel pumps is that after a few minutes the German forum popped up with a thread of an owner who had a similar problem. It won’t help you much I guess but among the suggestions was one that said jump the fuel pumps. No fuel with the engine running would naturally explain why it dies quickly. Also keep in mind that not all four errors must be related. https://www.jaguar-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?t=58009 for reference

(j limongelli) #6


  1. Fuel pumps are finished, BUT…
    REAL 1. I’m praying you changed the tensioners, if not and you keep cranking, it could get ugly, real ugly.
    Good luck…your year is a bullseye for both.

(Robert) #7

It was the fuel pumps. The PO drove it infrequently leaving me to think that may have contributed to their early demise. I had the tensioners changed immediately after purchasing the car. I will have a lot of money in it but I love the car. Sea lily

(j limongelli) #8

Those pumps were used in many, many cars under the FORD years.
There not bad but because of ethanol fuel and it sits not a daily driver, the gas is eating up EVERYTHING .
They strain and burn up or just implode because the gas turns to sugar water…
Great job!
P.S. change the fuel filters and if possible the injector o rings to the new ethanol compliant if you really want to keep the car a long time. Fires are not a good thing as they will leak once the pumps have gone…….it seems to be a trend.
Good luck.

(Robert) #9

Thanks for the advice and the info. It seems that sitting too long is not good for these cars. The PO had added about 2k miles to this car in 3 years; I added 7k in nine months. Ran beautifully in the mountains and the lowcountry but had to push it out of the garage after an oil change. Sea lily

(j limongelli) #10

That will do it

Now enjoy that cat