2000 XJR Map Sensor Return

Had Posted A While Back About Map Sensor Code. After Replacing The Sensor, Code Came Back. Looked A Bit More And 1 Of The vacuum Lines Is Not Connected. There’s A " T" Connection And Short Line Is Not Connected. Looks Like The Throttle Body Needs Removal To See Where It’s Disconnected From. How Hard Is It To Remove It/ Or Can Anyone Tell Me How To Reconnect The Vac. Line?

Sounds like the BYPASS VALVE vacuum line?

O.K. But is There Anyway To Reconnect With The Throttle Body Still On ? And If Not How Difficult Is That To Remove?

Might need to remove the throttle assy to get access to the valve vacuum nipple?
I don’t have a SC X308 here to look at. (I have one (parts car) but the engine is in pieces)(heads removed due to engine melt down)