2000 xk8 no crank no start

I have a 2000 xk8 convertible. I have a no crank no start issue. I’ve had a pop a lock service tell me that the issue is with the car. I’m looking for ways to diagnose the problem. I suspect that it may be the Ktm, is there anything I can do to confirm my suspicion? I honestly don’t know if the keys are programmed to the car, would love to have it turn over at the very least. Any help is appreciated. I do have access to an Autel 608.

Welcome Pad. I have move your post to the correct forum as the XK forum is for the 120,140 and 150 models.
A bit more information would help, what, if anything proceeded the problem?

You could try starting in neutral as a possibility. It could be your trans neutral switch or whatever they call them now lol. Thats what it was on my xjs when it wouldn’t do anything

A number of possibilities, start with low battery, does the dash and gauges act abnormally before the No crank. A battery voltage of 11 or less volts can cause no crank!

The ECM will flag a DTC P1260 if the key(s) are not recognized.

I appreciate the responses and the assistance of fielding in the right forum. I will update tomorrow, the codes that the autel revealed. I have many but there is a p1260, and quite a few other codes. I bought the car as is. I’m picking up a j selector tomorrow as when purchased the previous owner had destroyed the micro switches when disassembling, most likely trying to get the vehicle moved. I got the back story “lengthy” but it was a two car deal and after his journey in repair of a Benz, he had enough with it, now it’s my headache lol. I love the lines of this car and want it restored. I really want to thank everyone for helping and advice. B1317,B1238,B1676,B2322,B2323,B2327,B1402,B2182,B1234,B1262,B1263,B1264,B1265,B1266,U1135,U1141,U1260,U1261,P20EE,P0171,P0174,P1230,P1638,P1260,P1282,P1582,P0706,P1798,P1797,P1793,P0790,P0706,

I am responding to the P1260 DTC, I had a mobile lock service attempt programming the keys to the car. Two different devices were used in the endeavor, to no avail. When the attempt was made, once it came to the process of getting the keys programmed, the first device used, it essentially would go back to square one every time. The other device just didn’t work/communicate. I was told that the issue was with the vehicle and once I resolved the issue they would come back out.
This is why I suspect that the ktm may be defective. I’m trying to find a pin out diagram for the ktm, to determine if it is defective, yet I cannot find the information on my own at present time. Again I thank all who have either read or commented regarding the foregoing matter(s)

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I’ve got a complete set of wiring diagrams though it may not go up to 2000. It certainly does 98 which is probably the same. PM me and I’ll see if I can copy the key module wiring for you when I’m at home