2000 xk8 quarter windows

the rear windows seem to be out of sych…when i turn door key or push dash button the driver quarter window goes down…passenger quarter window stays up…when I reverse the process the driver quarter window comes up and the passenger side window goes 3/4 down…i then can pull the window up manually but with a 1/4 inch gap when closed…it seems i can push the window down freely and pull it up freely…
as i repeat the process driver side goes up passenger goes down…until a manually grab it and pull it up…
not a real techy type…hoping for a simple fix… lol…i guess i should not have bought a xk8 if a was looking for a simple fix…haha

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You’re talking about the little quarter windows that go down when you operate the convertible top, right? You don’t mean the windows in the doors?
There are four relays associated with these windows. One each for up, left and right and one each for down, left and right. These are located in the boot and numbered as in the diagram.

Left and right share a ground from the Body Processor Module. There is one ground for up and one ground for down.
I would check the relays by swapping them from side to side. They are all the same. You can also check the operation individually by removing one relay at a time as appropriate and linking terminals 5 and 3 with a jumper. In this way you should be able to drive each window up and down to test it.
Sounds more like a mechanical problem with the window than an electrical one but this check will tell you for sure.
BTW, it’s more helpful to refer to left and right. Driver side and passenger side are different depending which country you are in.

thank you…i do need to remember not all xk8 are left side driver…

Since the relays have a common ground, could it be that a poor ground is feeding back through the relays and causing the unusual operations?

That is certainly a possibility. The signal grounds share the same eyelet and are on the same stud BT1.
The eyelet will have two black wires facing opposite directions, left and right and it will be the second eyelet on the the stud. Here is where to find the stud.

And here is the layout of the relays: