2000 XKR Shock Recommendations?

My wife’s XKR only has 61k miles on it, but the shocks appear to be original. When driving the car it feels like it’s not as confident at 85ish MPH as I think it should be. Doesn’t really wallow too much and is comfortable, but it does feel like the shocks are in need of replacement.

It seems like Bilstein is the primary replacement option. I was never a huge fan of Bilsteins on the XJ-Ss back in the day (drove a lot of customer cars that had them), but in those days I was going for performance over comfort and don’t remember much about how they rode. The only other vehicle I’ve driven Bilsteins on was my Ford Excursion and they were fine on that.

So, are Bilsteins it? What do people think of them?

Do you have the adaptive or non-adaptive shocks ?