2001 Spare Tire/Sleeve

Hi-I haven’t posted in years-but I recently bought a 01 S Type without the spare tire. The wheels/tires are 16" I have the jack, towing eyelet thingy, safety chock, and the tire iron that had slots for them in the sleeve.
What I’m trying to figure out as I attempt to locate these items, is this:

  1. Was the foam sleeve one size fits all as different tire sizes were available in 01?
  2. Did 17/18" tires not use this foam insert/sleeve?
  3. Did the sleeve change in subsequent years?
  4. Was the 16" spare for that year a full size or spare only?
  5. Why is there surface rust in the spare area?

Thanks for your help ahead of time. Salvage yards don’t catalog some of the stuff.

The US spec cars should have 16" or 17" wheels.
There was only one foam insert for the tools.