2001 VDP Will not start. No codes

2001 Vanden Plas won’t start, cranks but no fire. Then after a couple of days it starts. Sometimes it runs rough. Could it be that the fuel system is dirty due to Ethanol? Should I just change to the fuel filter. Undid the negative connection and waited ten minutes then reconnected the battery and it started. With no code, I am really stumped

Welcome to the forums, I have moved your post to the correct forum, the XJ forum is for the S1, 11 and 111 series of cars, much earlier than yours.
Your last statement was that the car started and no codes. Is this correct now or do you still have a no start situation?
To perform a hard reset its quicker to remove the neg lead and touch to the positive lead for 30 seconds.


What Robin means is, remove BOTH leads from the battery, THEN touch them together for 30 seconds.

Probably better off changing fuel pump which is in the tank.

Change the relay first though.

Makes no difference, as long as the battery is out of circuit no power can flow.

Crank, no-start, is often the crank sensor, but really needs investigation as it could simply be a power feed, or poor Gnd, problem.

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C.P.S. is my thought, right off the bat … While cranking, does the tach needle just barely move? That’s a classic sign of bad C.P.S. :thinking:

The crazy thing is that when we dropped it off at the Master Jaguar Mech, started right up. Old Jags are so pretentious. By the way, excuse my ignorance, what is CPS?

As Dieselman states the pos does NOT have to be disconnected to do a hard reset.

CPS - Crank Position Sensor


That’s typical of a failing crank position sensor. They fail when hot and work again once cooled down.