2001 XK8 Back home again. Yes, they can be brought back to life, for a price

In only two weeks, I got my black beauty back and it purrs again. Two coils and 8 expensive plugs, and bingo! Now, about the ABS system and the Trac light being on…
Another chapter, and we are hoping it is only a wheel sensor. The other garage just threw up their hands, and all that high-dollar diagnostic equipment did no good. So, I drove it home, and it is all in one again. The strut insulators and the shock bushings have been replaced, and if you have one of these gems, you need to look at your front towers to see in your struts are dancing around in pieces of rubber. OH, the sheer job of owning one of these. Having one of these and not driving it only adds to the enjoyment, and after more than two years and almost 1000 miles added to the clock, it is a genuine pleasure. I need help and don’t know where to turn!

Regarding the ABS, so they cut open the ABS electronics control module and checked for bad solder joints? No cracks or cold solder breaks?


No, not yet, but my technician has done that before with relatively good success. I am hopeful that it is only a wheel sensor gone bad. It goes back in in a week are so. He has other simple things to work on that provide a living.


I have to have my sensors cleaned every few months by compressed air, sometimes with a little light scraping.
My tire company does this work as the dealers want “simply” replace the parts for lots of $$$$. Some have advised to
“lock up” the brakes to clean them, though, I worry about creating a flat spot on the soft tires I use.
GR8 XK8,

Bob Allen

Bob the action of ‘locking up the brakes’ is generally suggested when someone has pushed dirty brake fluid back into the ABS solenoid block. Its an attempt to flush said dirty BF out again due to the block pulsing the brakes. Theoretically the wheels shouldn’t lock up as thats what the ABS is there for.

Update. You do not have to bear with me. Took her out this evening and she does indeed purr. It had been a while, and the short trip home the other day was not enough of a trip to access the car. I find it rather rough riding for a luxury car, but the smoothness of the performance is there, and 90 MPH in a 55 zone came up quickly. Now to get the ABS, ASC and Trac warnings off. Have no idea what ASC means. Anyone?

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Automatic stability control.

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Best read codes using a code reader with extended code range for jaguar. Common causes are a wheel sensor cable especially front as the cables break with time due to wheel movement while steering. Often first noticed on extreme lock triggering a fault. The other common cause is a fractured solder joint in the abs circuit board where the pump connector attaches. This can be repaired with a little care instead of a very expensive abs module replacement.

Yes, those will be checked as soon as I can get back in to my technician’s shop. He likes me and works on my car, and knows what he is doing, but he begged off so he could make some money to pay the rent and feed his kids. He did a brilliant job on the miss in the engine and the strut insulators and shock bushings. He reminded me to drive the car often and not to worry about ABS and the other junk associated with it.