2001 XK8 for sale

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Description: 2001 XK8 always garaged and serviced as needed, all service records available, in very good shape for its age in and out. Uncommon Roman Bronze color only used in 2001. Engine upgraded to a 2002, has about 97K miles on it and runs really well, smooth and powerful. Transmission replaced and has about 57K miles on it. Bilstein suspension, new fuel pump, main seal. All work done professionally. Top does not leak. A few non-critical things dont work and I dont miss them. Will discuss.

Asking price (if selling):$8,875

Location:San Marcos, CA

Contact information: Bill Bruno

Cost of shipping (if selling):no

Willing to ship worldwide? no

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A gorgeous color combination. My 65 was close to that in color, an E-type, and back then, they called it opalescent bronze metallic. Good luck on your sale. Expect to take a little less. My 2001 has 80000 and I gave $7500 for it two years ago.

Hi and thank you! Yes, this roman bronze color is great, and it lights up in the sun. I expect to take less, yes. I am selling it because I recently bought an identical 2001 xk8 Roman bronze but mint in and out with only 39k miles. Unfortunately it has an Evap leak plus CCM wont clear in the codes so it won’t pass smog and I cant register it. Its a very frustrating upsetting mess. I paid $10k for it which I think is good.