2001 XK8- has your overhead console fallen yet?

Well, with age, it guess it was bound to happen. Came out to the garage to get in the daily driver and noticed the overhead console in the XK8 was hanging in the breeze. Looked it over and thought it just came loose from vibration. Nope. Seems this little piece of overkill decided to die, and it does not appear to have any attachment points. Mystery screen covers what? I see two lighting modules in there, but what is the rest of it and what does it do? Other than duct tape or some sort of sealer/glue, what is the solution? All responses greatly appreciated.

May be glued in place. Body shop could help you.

And that was my thoughts too. No sense in fretting about the nonsense it represents and it looks like the little lights are LED;s, so they will last. I am always amazed when stuff like this goes on cars.

The Coupe and CONV are different. You don’t tell us the mystery car but I think the Conv plastic mount piece is still available but the Coupe is NLA?

Call the dealer to see if they can get the parts.

The fact that the car is a 2001 Jaguar XK8 convertible was stated in the original comment, and I can try to find a new replacement plastic shell and move everything over. Or, as some suggest, just glue the thing back in place. Very disappointing when a couple small screws would have fastened it in place.

the two metal clips press into the slots on the bracket, which bolts to the car

I read the original comment 6 times and cannot find a reference to Coupe or Conv.
Please read it again and point out my mistake.

Sorry, my mistake. In my disappointment and trying to get some answers, I overlooked mentioning that is was a 2001 convertible. I looks as though just one of the plastic pieces was holding it up, as the other one was missing. We found the one stuck inside the console and think just this one was holding it up. Perhaps someone had taken it apart at some time and broke the other one off. It held with one attachment all this time. Wonder what I would have thought if i was driving at the time it just fell down?

Good news! The replacement bracket was on Ebay for around twelve dollars and free shipping! It can hang there until the bracket comes in.

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