2001 XK8 wont pass CA smog

Im becoming an expert on this myself from trying everything. The codes cleared except for CCM, CAT and Evap, and Evap doesnt have to clear to pass. From driving arduously hundreds of miles I got CAT to clear, and now after another 600 miles I still cant clear CCM. I have a few different drive cycle procedures I found online, and have done the preferred one about 30 times to no avail. Ive also driven at a steady 75mph for an hour with no luck. I understand how finicky older Jags can be but this is getting expensive and ridiculous. I dont think there is an easy answer but cannot register the car without a smog cert. I have a scanner so I can check the computer at any time easily, and am very frustrated with the car. If anyone has anything I havent tried, Id love to hear suggestions. I know the gas has to read between 1/3 and 3/4ths tank ideally. I know the car has to be started cold and not turned off until after the drive cycle is complete and the scanner has read the computer. This XK8 is a mint beauty with only 40K miles, so nothing should be worn out and failing.

So not to sound stupid, but what exactly is making it fail? Not sure without looking exactly what ccm is. If it’s a matter of actual emissions, I don’t know if you have ever watched wheeler dealers, but they had an xk8 on that wouldn’t pass and did an induction cleaning service and it dropped the numbers significantly. Sorry if its completely no help, but where I’m at we don’t have to do emissions. I’ll look into ccm though

Ok my bad I see it’s in regards to the transmission. Sorry

Jason, thanks for your interest. In CA emission testing is done via the car’s computer, not the tailpipe test. There are a number of ‘codes’ in the computer representing various system. CAT is for the catalytic converter; CCM is the computer control module. So when code come up on the scanner as not complete, those do not pass. Usually driving the car and putting some miles on it will clear the codes, and there are also specific drive cycles that detail driving procedures to use. By the number and looks of the blogs online referring to this specific problem online, I have to conclude it is a common problem in older Jags, and maybe particularly XK8’s.

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Yeah with the little bit of looking I did, I did see quite a few posts in regards to this with varying ways to “reset” it via drive routines. It looks like the S-type and possibly the X-type, have it too. Smh. It’d be nice to have one of the actual jag diagnostic computers to run and see what it shows. Maybe someone local to you has a setup? Just to verify that it’s not a sensor “sticking” somewhere or something stupid like that

The problem is that it runs on gas and is located in California.

Do a hard reset. Remove the battery cables and clamp them together. I left mine that way over night after replacing all the spark plugs and coil packs. It should clear everything.


I got mine on Amazon for $35. Search auto diagnostic scanner. If you cant find it ill get the name and model for you. Plugs right in under the dash. It tells you in about a minute whether your car will pass smog, and specifically what the problem is

If your EVAP code is not clearing, but you can pass CA emissions with that one set, then I think you might be good to go if the other code is the ECM code. If ALL codes are clear, then this code sets to P1111 , but if any code exists, then it will be P1000.


Thanks Mike! My scanner will show a pass or fail, and with CCM showing as ‘incomplete’ reads ‘fail’. Its reading P1000 also.My mechanic said not to bother having a smog test if that doesn’t clear. Evap apparently isn’t important in CA.

Hi, Stephen, and thank you. Did do a reset, the battery, etc. Im still down to CCM and Evap, and dont care about Evap. I read that CCM monitors the whole system so if one thing is off it also goes off, but frankly, I dont think that is the case. This car had the same problem 2 years ago last smog check, and it did eventually clear after much driving around wasting gas and time. This time being much more stubborn . It’s a real pain.

With these cars, to reset the incomplete codes, one needs to run the drive cycle for the component whose code was fixed and reset. This document describes the drive cycles for resetting various components. Of course you’d need to recall which codes you reset to ID the right drive cycle.

It is for the 2003 model year, for some reason the 2001+ doc doesn’t describe the drive cycles. Jagrepair has many more documents like this if you want to search around.



Hi, Dave, and thank you. I found something similar online that detailed the drive cycles for 2001, which are similar if not exactly the same, and as mentioned have gone thru them many times from start to finish. These old Jags can get so finnicky that I think I just have to keep driving until it decides to kick in. Im probably hoping for some miracle fix but dont think there is one. I have 2 identical 2001 XK8’s and they are both doing the same thing. A twofer. Double trouble hahaha


Yes I too have a bluetooth scanner that I use to diagnose issues from Amazon, however the ACTUAL computer software allows you to go to read and actuate each sensor so you can “see” which one might be hanging up the process. I’m only suggesting that, if you’ve done a hard reset and those same codes came back immediately, that there may be something other than the car just acting finicky going on.

Hi Jason. Yes, my mechanic who is a Ferrari master tech, put 4 different scanners on it. We can’t figure out why CCM won’t clear other than being one of those Jag peculiarities.

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Bill, I had the same issue with my SSR here in Vegas. Could not get EVAP to clear, and the scanner kept saying incomplete. I went to the smog place and told them what my scanner was saying, and they said no problem- 1 code was OK. If you can’t get EVAP to clear, then you will not get the P1000 code to clear either. Might be worth a trip and ask before they start the test. I know CA is tougher than Vegas, but …

This is so frustrating, Mike. I didnt know P1000 was a code to clear? I thought that confirmed the car system? In reading online I think but am not certain that CCM monitors all systems, so if one is off, like EVAP, it will be off too. However that wasnt the case on my other jag. Evap went off along with CAT, and CCM was the last to go off. I feel I have to just keep driving it and also trying the drive cycles hoping it will kick in so I can rush to a smog station and get it passed.

P1000 is that the system is done and ready. That’s it.

Thank you. I just went out to do a drive cycle, the “check the gas cap” alert came on, then the engine light came on so I plugged in the scanner and got, PO455
"Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (large leak). hahahahah…I love this car!

I hope I’m not betraying a trust here but I just read an extensive thread on jaguarforums.com on just this issue that is very informative. You may want to check it out.

Thanks, Stephen. A general page comes up and not the specific thread. Can you send the thread or page it’s on?