2001 XKR boot lid lock and battery questions

Is there a mechanical feature available to open the boot lid. I pulled the battery to have it tested and closed the boot lid—Duh. I plan to jump the battery post under the bonnet but if there is another possibility I’ll take it.
I’m not sure how old the battery is. I’ve owned the car since 07/20/20. I do have a receipt from 2014 from the PO for a battery. The battery tested 600 amp out of a poss. 900. Will that disaffect performance ?

There should be a key hole in the XJR badge. Sorry didn’t notice the K

Hey Stephen,

My 2001 model has a key hole in the lettering on the right of lic. plate, between the “X” and the “K”.

Bob Allen

I know about the key and the button that is the growler but they are both electronically activated.

Okay, I did the jumper cables on the battery cable under the bonnet and grounded to body. Worked like a charm. My battery is fully charged and I'll update once I finish changing plugs and coil packs. Doing a hard reset now.

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The key in the boot on my ‘99 XJR is certainly direct acting, not electrical.

As above, the key is a mechanical release not electronic.
Note it’s a clockwise turn of the key. I once replaced lock thinking it had seized. Embarrassing!

None of the boot locks/latches on my 01 XKR operate manually. They are all electrically operated. Even the button that is the small rear leaper.
Note for XKR owners. Make sure that your coil pack covers are sealing. In replacing the plugs and coil packs on mine I found that the right back had been getting water into the plug shafts and onto the coil packs for some time. There were signs of rust on coil packs and corrosion in coil pack tubes.

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