2002.5 4.2v8 S Type ZF6HP26 Transmission : Sports Mode

Still loving my high km S type. I had not tried the “sports mode” until I recently did a pan/filter/fluid change. At first the button did not illuminate Red but after a short drive and restarting the car The red sports mode light came on…for a couple of days.
Therefore I am assuming that the red light has not failed… but wondering if sports mode is actually active if there is no light?

Wondering if this is a circuit fault or possibly connected to my transmission service/fuse/relay
with 347000km on the clock I don’t plan or need to use Sports Mode but I’d like to know it works and not related to another transmission problem.

Part two…the end?
Purchased and fitted a new (used) J Gate. from a 2006.
Sports mode now works, as well as the transmission lock out function.
I found a cable-tie holding back the lock-out pin in mine…someone’s easy fix I guess.
Happy Days.