2002.5 S Type 4.2 Front Lower Arm Bush replacement

There is a large bush at the inner end of this arm (Caster adjustment arm)
Before I try to remove it, does anyone know how much pressing force is needed.
I have a light press… and it would be easy just to try it, but I have no idea about the force required. e g 5 Ton, 10 Ton etc. I’d rather have some idea before I take the arm off and try. My local guy is asking AUD $40.00 each to remove and refit.
Thanks for reading this. Your help will be appreciated.

I haven’t done the inner bushes, but I can tell you the lower ball joints were an absolute bear to get out, due to aluminum corrosion.

Did you have any luck with this? I have a problem with the rear bushings on a 2000 S type and I am being advised that I cannot buy the bushings, I will have to buy the whole upper arm for two hundred dollars plus shipping according to my source. It might be simpler to go ahead and do this rather than to get into bushing replacement which seems to demand special tools and know how, etc.

Thanks for your reply Rob. Great pictures. Great perseverance!

Thanks for your reply Robert.Thankfully the bushes in my caster-arm can be replaced,
I’ll give it a go with my own press and see if it has the pressure for this application.
Looks like you will have buy the rear arm complete. Best of luck with your S, they are great cars.

Turns out my problem lies with the sway bar bushing and not the control arm bushings. I have ordered in a new bushing and will take a look at how difficult it is to install. I might hand it over to my mechanic.

Hi Robert. I think I mentioned that my local guy charges $40 each so I’m trying to save by doing myself.
The picture shows my 10T rated press. On the left is one of the new bush I want to fit.
The two red press tools are modified sockets the other is a piece of pipe that is the right OD for the caster bush. My only issue is, will 10T be enough for this large bush… One way to find out. It may be a week or two yet, but I’ll post my success or ???