2002 jaguar OBD2

Recently started driving my 2002 jaguar x308 “XJR” (4.0 supercharged V8). Randomly I got a restricted performance notification on dash along with rough idle.

Tried connecting to my OBD 2 port with 2 different scanners to no avail… Anyone know what fuses I should check or if there’s another issue I’m missing??


Welcome to the forums, I have moved your post to the X300 section as the XJ forum covers the S1,11 and 111 series of cars, totally different animals.
Jaguars are notoriously bad for not recognising a lot of plug in scanners.
What brands have you tried so far?

One pin in the OBD 2 port should have 12V on it at all times. Check this before going any further.

I attended the MXAD 2002 Jaguar training when I worked at the dealer.

Here is a .pdf copy of the student guide. The original I got was a paper 3 ring binder but Jaguar later issued the guide in .pdf.

MXAD_2002.pdf (1.5 MB)


Hey there, Thanks for getting back… I’m using a ZURICH ZR-BT1 OBD2 BLUETOOTH Dongle Code Reader. Should I try a different brand?

Hey there… Thanks for response. I’ll be checking that today. I identified the correct fuse and replaced it but it’s still giving me connection errors.

ICar are supposed to sell a jaguar compliant scanner which is not Bluetooth but a direct read reading unit.
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Thanks for all the help and feedback… Actually tried a different scanner and problem was solved. “Always think simple”.

Thanks again everyone…!

Which scanner did you use that worked?