2002 s type 3.0 ecm removal

Just wondering about the location of the ecm and how to remove it?

The X200 does not have an ECM but uses a PCM (Powertrain Control Module)
Ford did not want to pay for a CAN bus so the engine/gearbox controls are in a single unit.
No network is required since the unit is combined.

The PCM is half OUTSIDE and half INSIDE. ASSUMING the car is LHD access is under the cabin filter housing in the engine compartment and behind the glovebox accessed from the cabin.

Thank you motorcarman any tips on how to get it out?

I have not needed to remove a PTEC (PowerTrain Electronic Control) from X200 in about 15 years. I think the harness plug side is in the engine bay under the cabin filter housing and the unit itself is removed from the cabin under or behind the glovebox.

A metal bracket holds the unit in place.