2002 S-Type 4.0L with Sport option package

My daily driver is a 2002 S-Type 4.0L with the Sport option package and it is a phenomenal car. I did not want a 4.2L supercharged car for a daily driver and the Sport package gave me the CAT suspension and a dialed in steering rack that I love. I upgraded the wheels to 18" like you get on the European versions of the Sport package. Stupid American package still comes with 17" wheels. Running a set of Pilot Sport AS tires and she handles great. For a daily driver, this is a great car. Yes the interior could be better and yes my gray birdseye maple has fades as so many of these do, but I have 94,000 miles on it and love the car! Its a great size for driving in some of the narrow streets of Philadelphia where I live and I have a good mechanic to take care of her when something breaks. My ABS went out recently and thank goodness I could get a rebuilt module with exchange for $350. My biggest complaint is the 5 speed Ford transmission in the car. It’s crap. I need to go down to my transmission specialist and see is upgraded pressure valves will help. I know a lot of folks don’t like this car but for a 16 year old car, its awsome. I drive it hard up and down the NJ turnpike all the time and she give me great service. I also keep my S-Type beautifully maintained at all times. Well worth the investment of time and money. Love to hear your comments. TY

Hi Jeff,
My 2000 4.0l has 57k miles and most of the options available at the time including a sunroof (rare option in UK) which I love and active damping which you could get here without the Sports pack. In fact I’m not even certain that Sports pack as such, was on the option list in 2000. I have the standard 17" wheels with P1000s which I think add to the comfort.
Generally, I think it is an outstandingly good vehicle let down by the early engine problems which are easily fixed if you catch them in time and of course, the rust problems in the UK which is what finishes these cars off here.
BTW, what don’t you like about the transmission. I’m very happy with mine.

Shropshire, UK

My 2000 has 230,000 miles.
I changed the fluid in Apr '10 at about 140,000 miles

and did this trans servo repair in Jan '13 at 180,000 miles

and it is still going strong, no other problems.

The 5R55N is a common trans in US Ford products so any trans shop should be familiar with them.

I had problems with the J gate shifter and had to replace a plastic sliding part with a metal part, which seems to have done the trick.

After seeing reviews at 4.65/5 I bought a nice 2000 4.0 at a very good price, I’ve yet to pick it up so have nothing but hope so far to say. I plan to drive this while I build my MK-1.
The only reason I dare expose myself to something so modern with every bell and whistle is that It will probably demonstrate the common trait of modern stuff of being impossible to personally maintain as opposed to the stone simple Mk-1 etc.