2002 X-type 2.5 still has codes after MIL went out

My X-type 2.5 only has 148K on it. It was running rough with the MIL on. I recently had P0302, P1312, P1316, P0352 and P1582 codes come up. I traced the P0302 to the cylinder 2 injector coil pack and replaced it. Instead of clearing the MIL with a reader, I let it cycle off by itself. Drove about 100 miles on it to ensure that the MIL stayed dark, with success. I took the car to have a state emissions test done, lo and behold, it failed because the codes are still there with the MIL still dark. Any help understanding this would be greatly appreciated.


Invest in a code reader that will clear the codes. Or for a cheap option try taking the battery leads off and hold them together for about 30 seconds (this is a hard reset)


Cleared the codes with a reader. Now, just waiting for it to complete a cycle. I have put 50 miles on it and it is just reading a P1000. Hopefully, it’ll clear after a couple of days driving. If not, I’ll give it the hard reset.

Thanks again.

P1000 just means that the test cycle hasn’t been completed, take it for a good drive and it should be good to go.