2002 x tYPE sPORT North American 3.0 L Headlight bulbs issue

pass side headlight problem, US model, rhs from driver seat…is there easy access somehow to change these bulbs, H I D fitted to my model, kerb ( outer ) bulb not working on dip beam, inner light just glows dimly day or night on full time driving light position…both driver side bulbs have full function !

My practice for changing the low beam (outer) bulb is to take it to a mechanic with long slim fingers. If you look closely at the high beam (inner) reflector, there is a small bulb at the top of the reflector. This is the park light. It is supposed to be on. Both high beam reflectors have them. The high beam bulbs are in the middle of the reflectors and should come on when high beam is selected. If you only get the park lights, then your high beams are burnt out. The turn lights are outboard of the low beams and are orange in colour. Hope this is helpful.


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It is a PITA to do the bulb change on the passenger side. I am not exactly clear on which bulb is apparently out, but it sounds like the little ‘park’ bulb in the inner/High beam part of the housing is working just fine. As Grahame said, the curb-side part of the housing is the lower beam. The HID bulbs are more complicated with a bulb and ballast, but the High beam is an H1 bulb. Be VERY careful to not push hard or get ham-handed when fiddling with the inside bulb housing, it is a delicate affair. It is easily dislocated from the adjusters/mounting retainers. Many of the inner housings have at least one mount broken after all these years.

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is it better to remove the fr bumper to get at these pitb lights,and then remove the bulbs and replace this way…my hands after being a woodworker for most my life are a bit large for sure…

You should be able to rotate and remove the ribbed, round/flat covers off the back of the housing and gently try to move the inner bulb/reflector housing around to see if the inner (cheap plastic) mounts are broken. After all these years, and the heat from the bulbs, they are most likely fried and broken. If they are broken, then yes, take the lower splash pan and bumper off to access the light housings and remove them. You can find the inner reflector housing mount/adjusters on Ebay and other sources.

yes too late I arrived…adjusters broken, slopping around… pas side seems to be worst… OMG… did not see a lot on e bay yet…

When you get the light housings out of the car and on the bench, you will need to separate the housings apart, and the inner repair of the 3 adjusters/inner mounts will be obvious. Before putting the (currently bad) light back together, plug it in to the power supply and see which part is bad; ballast or bulb. There is a rope butyl ‘rubber/putty’ that is available at NAPA that I used for the seal in the lamp housings on reassembly.