2002 xk8 convertible rear quarter window

My 2002 jaguar xk8 convertible driver side rear quarter window won’t go up. I can hear the motor when pressing the button but nothing happens. My right side one works just fine

Hi Tamia. Welcome to Jag Lovers. Sounds like the window regulator is broken. Can you manually pull it into place?

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No I can’t it wiggles from side to side

Was hoping you could block it in place till getting it fixed. Would mean you couldn’t put the top down, but would prevent the weather getting in. You don’t say where you are located. Listers could point you to good mechanics, or sources of parts, if they knew where you were located. I’m not mechanically inclined, so I hope other listers would tell you how to get access to that area. From your description, you are driving a left hooker (LHD) so you are not in England or Oz.

There is a repair kit that includes the wire cable and the plastic guide locks. I have installed them in customer cars with a 50/50 success rate. I think it was listed on eBay?

I ended up getting a good-used replacement for a few that just kept damaging the cables.

I’m in Los Angeles and the top still works it goes up and down

As long as it is in the down position, you can put the top up and down. If it was blocked in the up position (to keep the weather out), I believe you would have to leave the top up.

The driver’s side rear window on my 04 X Type was blocked up by a previous owner, because the regulator failed. Do you know if there is a Ford replacement part that would fit?

Why would Ford have a similar or replacement part. The S Type and X Type shared many Ford parts but the XK has no counterpart in the Ford line-up.

I have an X Type that I need a rear window regulator for. I was hoping that you would know if there was a Ford part that could be subed. I know that this is not the X Type forum, but hoped to access some of your Jag knowledge.