2003 3.0 S-type

I’m going to see one of these with 142,000 miles on the clock. If it runs well, is it worth $3500.00, or should I try to dicker him down to $3000.00? (I don’t want to overpay for a car that will begin having problems that I can’t afford to solve). I had one opinion offered in the X300 category.

If the 2003 S-type 3.0 is a good bargain, I’d like to drive it regularly (saving precious premium fuel) and drive my XJ6L for longer trips.

Anyone with experience and knowledge would be a great deal of help.

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Sounds fair to me if it’s been well looked after. They are such beautiful cars and very reliable too. My fav s type is the 00-02 styled interior with the 4.0 engine.

Thanks. I’ll be seeing it at 10:00 am on 6/19/2021.

Wish me good fortune.

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Do you have any pics of it?

Sadly, no. The pictures I saw in the listings of Portland (OR) Craigslist are still there. I’ll be heading out in less than 3 hours to view the machine in person.

Well, I bought the S-type 3.0 There are some lamps that aren’t working (nothing serious) and a grab handle above the passenger door that needs another screw to hold it in place.

It runs reasonably well with almost 147,000 miles on the clock. It is silver with a black interior. The burl walnut panels stand out against the black leather and it looks really good. The leather has no tears, separations, or excessive wear. I have cleaned/flushed the crankcase oil and have replaced it with a fully synthetic 5w-30 Valvoline.

Here’s hoping for some good “smileage” from this mid-sized cat. :wink:

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Congrats hope you enjoy your S as much as I do. Here are some photos I took a few months ago.

A dear friend of mine drove my “new-to-me” S-type about 6 miles on the Interstate 205 in Portland and on a few of the city’s surface streets. She fell in love with it, but doesn’t want to part with $7000.00 (USD) to find one like it.
I told her that if she would commit to buying one, I would help her look for a decent specimen.

Any suggestions?

$7k for an S like yours? Didn’t you spent $3k? What are they looking for?

I spent $3.5k on my S-type. I wonder what people are thinking. when they price these cars in that realm. My machine is 17 years old with nearly 147k miles on it. It isn’t without its flaws, but it isn’t in poor shape, either.
My friend emailed me and told me that she would “make do” with her 2004 Toyota Camry.

She was captivated by the S-type, though.

Oh, well.

I just drove from Portland, Oregon to Independence, Oregon this evening (a 118-mile trip). I averaged about 28 miles per (US) gallon round trip. That’s about 4.2 US gallons of Premium fuel. Not bad, but I’ll bet that I could see 28.5 -29 miles per gallon on a long freeway drive. Don’t you think?

This “Executive Sedan” has been outstanding. The ride is firm, yet supple. The performance is more than adequate. I could drive this car across the US without great difficulty. (18 hours “in the saddle” wouldn’t be that hard).
I really enjoy this automobile!

If you go to Craigslist, Portland Oregon Cars and Truck For Sale By Owner you can see pictures of my silver beauty before I bought it