2003 Gas tank removal

(William Simpson) #1

How long does it take to remove a 2003 XJ8 gas tank?

(motorcarman) #2

I charge 4 hours to replace the ‘in-tank’ fuel pump(s) on the XJ sedans from 1991 to 2003. (but I have done this repair for several decades) A little longer if I have to drain a full tank.

Someone that has never done this will take more time.

Jaguar warranty time is a little over 2 hours but that does NOT include diagnostic time or the time to drain/refill the fuel.


(William Simpson) #3

Thanks for the reply bob. We used the option of pumping the tank out we did figure it would take 4/5 hours to remove it.

(motorcarman) #4

It should not take 4/5 hours to remove, but 4/5 hours to remove and replace with a new fuel pump installed.

Might take longer without a lift and prior experience with Jaguar sedan fuel tank removal.