2003 S-type v6 clutch slip

Hi. As a newcomer to this new site I’m have trouble finding info on clutch/flywheel replacement. My 3.0 s-type has 237,000 miles (I got it at 42,000) and the clutch just started to slip. It’s the original as is the gearbox, so she doesn’t owe me anything, but I want to keep her going. Does anyone know if there are cost effective aftermarket components, or maybe Mustang parts that would work?


Seems RockAuto has a LUK set.

LUK 07201 LuK RepSet® $164.79 + Shipping,


I thought I had the bragging rights, but you surpassed me on mileage. Mine is at about 227,000.
Stick shift S-types are unknown in my part of the world, but I have found that the Ford ownership and similarity to Lincoln LS and Thunderbird had many benefits, among which are aftermarket parts of excellent quality and low price.

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