2003 x-type Bluetooth connectivity

First time here.
Looking to connect my 2003 x-type with bluetooth to my iphone. Would appreciate any helpful options.
There is no phone or CD changer as an options.


I have a Jabra speakerphone that is cordless, attaches to my sun visor and connects wirelessly to my Android phone. One button answer or hang up. Got it at the Source. Cheapest one on the shelf. The charge lasts for months.

I clip my smart phone to the dash with a plastic microphone clip. When a call comes in, the phone lights up with who is calling and I can decide to answer or not. Works great and is cheap like borscht.

Hi JGL. Thank you for the quick reply.
I have an old Jabra wireless headset. great product. however, the car speaker set is discontinued.
I will look for other options.

We use these