2004 Heater Issue

Hey guys. So awesome news, we bought my mum a 2004 XK8 convertible to replace her totalled 1998. It does have a few issues that need ironed out.

Current issue… the heater. I did a quick search but didn’t see anyone with a similar issue. If you put the heater on only the floor vents blow hot air. The defroster and face level vents only blow cold. Would this be the blend door actuator, or a directional actuators? And if so which motor would it be as there seems to be quite a few in the system.

The car is a 2004 XK8 convertible, 4.2 litre. Thanks guys.

There’s a blender motor and flap that gets stuck or the relay and or the motor on the flap is broken
VERY common
Half the console has to come out but a dealer can do it a lot quicker!
You don’t have WATER on the passenger rug correct, that a heater core issue
Good luck