2004 S Type column tilt motor replacement

The steering column tilt mechanism went out in our car (2004 Jaguar S Type 4.2). It made a noisy grinding noise then quit. It’s stuck in the lowest position. The column telescoping feature seems to work fine as does the brake pedal adjustment. It used to automatically raise up and compress when opening the door

I’m looking for help with diagnosing the cause and tips for replacement.

Also, is this something that Jaguar will have to reprogram once it has been replaced? I’m told that Jaguar will no longer support cars older than 10 years old.

Be VERY CAREFUL with the VID BLOCK. We got a reminder to not get lazy when configuring the X202 column when I worked at the dealer a few decades ago.

We got TECH TIPS every month for a few years.

20tl-12-2003strgcolumn.pdf (143.9 KB)