2004 xj8 goes into limp mode, gearbox fault and I have to restart engine to fix. Happens every 10 minutes now

Gearbox fault, and engine code, car goes into limp mode and have to restart, happens a lot. Its shifts into first and second into gear then drops down in a limp mode. Very frustrating.im about to throw the towel in on this car.

How old is your battery and have you had your charging system checked?

Your car is very sensitive to voltage drops, and the transmission ECU is the first in the chain to fail, due to low voltage, and the rest daisy chain out.

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I’d also inspect the earth points under the bonnet. They might look OK but they corrode internally. The solution is replacement.

What is the mileage? When last was the gearbox serviced? Have you had the fault codes read?

I had that happen to me several years ago on my '05 XJ8. My indy reprogrammed the tranny module and haven’t had a problem since. Knock on wood… lol