2004 XJR engine rebuild

Rebuilding XJR engine. Disassembled over 2 years ago and took lots of pics and made notes on my PC, but ransomware destroyed it all! There a few of connections I cannot fathom, and the Jag shop manual is of no help.

  1. At the elbow from the throttle body to the supercharger:
    On the passenger side there is a short hard plastic tube that comes from a brass fitting in the elbow. The other end goes…?.

Sorry, hit the wrong key in the middle of drafting!

The second connection from the elbow is a 2 foot long, 3/8ths diameter, ribbed plastic tube that comes from next to where the PCV/EGR return line attaches on the driver side.

The third mystery is what connects to the driver side valve cover at the front, similar to the PCV connection on the other side?

3rd mystery solved: connects to the air inlet duct work.