2005 S type R how to open broken off glove box handles

I just acquired a 2005 S type R, throwing many codes, The glove box and center console handles have been broken clean off, how to open them aside from forcing them/
Looking for a reasonable owners manual if someone has one floating around ort me know

Don’t know if my 2000 is the same, but my center console bin has no handle, you just pull up on the front.
My glovebox latch dog moves down to open when you pull up on the handle. It also locks with the key. Turn the key counterclockwise to unlock. You might be able to get a jemmy down there to pop the latch. The door has two hinge bolts below it, so I would try removing those first. Or pop off the little plastic trim piece and you may be able to work the latch with pliers.
The manual is on CD-ROM available on ebay and from JDHT and dealers.

Here’s what I found on my recently acquired 2005 SVR that had both the center console and glove box handles broken off: for the console there are two T headed cables the left one for the slide back to cup holder position the right to release the lid I was able to grab both of them with with a needle nose pliers, afterward I looped captured them with a wire tie as a handle for the console,
On the glove box it was a bit more complicated, the trim does not “snap” off, there are three torx screws on the bottom hinge, the box does not open if they are removed. What I did is drill around to find a way and eventually I did, the latch opening device is best address by drilling into the cover near the upper rt slot and insert a probe to knock off the slide thus releasing the glove box door: reassembling it to latch the door, you may find another way, this is what I did. When I get to it I’m off to the breakers to pull replacements then switch the lock cyl as needed