2005 X-Type Wagon 2.0 V6 - will crank fine but won’t start?!

Hi all. New owner of 2005 X Type Wagon. 75k miles. Live in a cold area and car won’t start. Battery is good. It will crank but not start so obviously it’s a fuel issue. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I’ve enjoyed my wagon for 7 years or so, hope you do too.

I think you’re jumping to an unfounded conclusion. Yes, the battery and starting circuit seem okay. But that doesn’t rule out ignition/timing issues (forgetting mechanical problems which let’s hope not!)

I’d start with am OBD scan and see if it’s throwing any codes.
OTOH I guess you could check your hypothesis by seeing if she’ll run on starting fluid.

Good luck, ALan

Thanks very much Alan. I did try the starting fluid trick and it does turn over with that then goes dead once no fluid!

Hello David - sounds like you may have a faulty crankshaft position sensor that is not telling the ECU that the engine is rotating so the injectors are not being told to supply fuel - Tex.

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Great to learn. Really appreciate your input.

Enjoy your wagon. I’ve had one for several years and love it.

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Does that not affect spark/ timing?

Yes it does, but I was of the understanding that it also affected the injectors operation - Tex.

I took it to a local mechanic and he said it needs a new fuel pump and fuel filter. $2000. Gutted.

That sounds extremely over the top, I would get a second opinion.

Well for all the research I’ve done apparently the fuel pump on these do go bad…

Yes but the $2000

It is a high pressure system so may be time consuming to do. All adds up.