2005 XJ8VP Wiring Disaster

My 05 XJ8VP was attacked by a squirrel last week! It (the bitch) ate the bundle of wires on the left side of the engine (next to the oil filler). I soldered the wires back together, BUT now, there are numerous error messages displayed on the cluster such as traction, airbag, engine wiring, parking brake, etc. The car does start up/idle perfectly with the error messages, but will not rev above 5 mph! I cannot get into the engine ecu with my iSoft scan tool which I understand is a known flaw in the software.

IS it likely the car needs a complete reset with the Jag dealer software? It did start up the morning after the squirrel ate the wiring, but ran very poorly. Again, the car now starts perfectly and idles perfectly with the wiring repair.

Any help much appreciated! Frustrated because the car was awesome before.



With no help, I am assuming no one knows about the X350 Jags???


have you tried disconnecting the battery for 20 mins ?