2006 SV8 bumper cover removal

I need to remove the front bumper cover of my 2006 SV8 and am down to the headlight washer hose and the two metal tabs near the center. How does the washer hose disconnect? and how can I release these two metal tabs that seem to be the last thing holding the bumper cover on?

I have photos but do not see an icon for adding them.

I found a video in German , Jaguar XJ XJR X350 Super V8 Stoßstange abbauen Zierleiste wechseln front bumper removal - YouTube , that showed how to release the metal tabs by lifting up on the grill and pushing down on the tabs and I got the grill off. Now I just need to disconnect the washer hose.

OK, with the bumper cover off I was able to rotate the washer connector and find the black pad you push to separate the connector halves. Not much washer fluid came out so I may put some hose clamps on the halves before I reconnect it later.

Now on to getting the radiator out. One video said it is a 5 hour job, but my experience so far suggests it is not a 5 hour job for me.

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