2006 X350 parking brake may not be working right

(Eliot Brenner) #1

I get a feeling the brake is not releasing, or not fully releasing. In the past couple weeks the car, in neutral, and pointed down a slight incline does to move until I put it in drive. The “brake” warning light on the dash turns off when I pull the car out of park. Yet I have this sense the brake is not released. Even backing out of my space, it feels as if the car is hesitating and it takes a nudge on the throttle to move.

When the car drives, it feels fine, though I have a sense I might be having a little noise of out the rear. Only other thing I can tell folks is that it may be time for a new battery. The one I have is about 4 years old. I had a “cruise” not working light the other day on startup, which subsequently went away after I let the car idle for a few minutes, shut it down and restarted.

Any thoughts? Is this a common issue.

Thanks, friends.

(Andy) #2

I’m not familar the the x350 however

  1. after a drive check the temperature of the rear wheels.
    Are they hot from a seized brake? Is one side hotter than the other ? A real indication this!

  2. The wheels probably require removal and then the brakes cleaning and adjusting

(j limongelli) #3

Eliot my buddy has the same x350 and had the same problem
Its an electric brake set up.
First change your battery for the correct current .
There are shed down relays send goofy messages to relays if voltage is low.
Second pull off the sensor wires and clean or replace the connections, they rot away or get rusted up and no contact.
Eventuallly the brakes will stay in lock mode when you park it.
Good luck but that should do it.

(Eliot Brenner) #4

Thanks. Right rear wheel is warm after a drive. Off to my local Indy mechanic tomorrow to remedy. Thanks.

(Eliot Brenner) #5

Thanks. I found the right rear wheel warm after a drive. It’s off to my Indy mechanic tomorrow for a fix, along with a copy of the Jag-lovers replies. I did find that my battery dates to 2011, and though it is a long shot, I in my note to the tech warned that it could be a battery problem, and to replace the battery anyway given its age. Again, thanks.


(j limongelli) #6

Cleanthose contacts as well before it locks closed good luck

(Eliot Brenner) #7

Friends: turns out it was in fact a seized RR caliper, not the parking brake. So, I’m in for two new calipers in addition to pads and rotors. Bummer. And, I bit the bullet and authorized replacement of the front shocks which were leaking badly. This will be one of those bills that test one’s patience with Jags! (I’m also getting the brakes bled, a new battery, oil change and tires rotates.) Unforltunately I do not have a garage so there’s not much I can do myself in winter temperatures!

Thanks to those who offered advice.


(j limongelli) #8

Enjoy it! that’s why you bought it.