2007 X-type Engine Light

(Dick Cavicke) #1

2007 with auto trans makes sharp hesitation when shifting to 5th gear under load.and causes engine light. Code reads 2635 low fuel pump pressure. Otherwise runs well up to freeway speeds/high RPM without problem. Seems to be OK if manually kept in 4th gear until in low load conditions.
Shop could find no problem and turned light off… but it came back on under condition described above.
Any suggestions?

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Maybe the fuel pump is on its way out? How many k’s has the car done?

(Dick Cavicke) #3

Thanks, that’s definitely a possibility.
However, it’s only at 64.5K. miles. Hard to explain how well it delivers at speed but not at ~2000rpm???


(Robin O'Connor) #4

Many things in this world grasshopper, defie understanding.

(W. Schuster) #5

How old is the fuel pump?
Maybe its time to replace it anyway.

(Dick Cavicke) #6

TBOMK it’s the original pump.
The encouraging news is that, following the installation of a replacement Fuel Pump Driver Module yesterday, the car is accelerating much more smoothly without the sharp hesitation which had been causing the Engine light and pump fault code.
We’ve been trying to rule out other possible causes of the problem before making the costly (conventional) replacement of the fuel pump itself.
So far so good.