2007 XK air conditioner fan not working

Hi . I am new to this forum. I just sold my 1971 XKE 2+2 that I owned since 1972. I am looking at a 2007 XK convertable. The heater.air conditioner fan does not work. Is there a possibility that it is a simple fix or is it like most repairs on these, very costly?
Any advise on what to look out for would be very helpful on my decision to buy it. It has a new convertible top. The steering wheel is very worn and discolored along with the console top.

Hi Jeffa, this could be a faulty ‘Blower control module’ they do fail but are easy to replace. They are fitted to the side of the ducting just above the blower motor.

However, it could also be a symptom of a bigger problem. The early cars suffer from condensate from the evaporator dripping onto the passanger footwell due to a blocked outlet valve. The condensate builds up inside the heater box until it runs along the ducting and out via the heater blower into the footwell.
The cause is a blocked ‘Duckbill valve’ This is a rubber tube attached to the outlet on the heater box which has a slot cut to allow condensate to escape but prevent ingress of dirt / insects ect. The slot gets blocked when the heat from the engine causes the rubber to harden preventing the condensate from draining.
Check the front passenger carpet for water damage.
Replacing the ‘Duckbill valve’ requires either removing the dash assy and heater assy or the engine and gearbox assy, however it is possible to fabricate a tool to reach between the vehicle body and the gearbox which can cut the end off the duckbill, allowing the condensate to flow again.
You can find more information on the ‘Duckbill’ problem and ways to solve it on the ‘Jaguar Forum’

Hope this helps.

Thanks Dave, It is a big help. I am going to based my offer on the fact that it mat be the Ductbill problem. Do u know of any other issues that I need to be concerned about on this year Jag with 105,000 miles.

Sorry mate, I just read your question. Seems I’m not getting all alerts.
As long as these cars are properly serviced they will run well even at that mileage.
Crappy audio and phone conectivity are my only problems, touch wood.