2007 XK Convertible top not always working properly

My local Jaguar specialist is not able (yet) to figure this one out. The top sometimes works and sometimes not. Upon depressing the open button, it will unlock and show about a 1 inch gap to the windshield and then it stalls. Similarly, when all the way open and upon closing, the locking mechanism won’t engage into the windshield frame, and I need to manually turn it shut. There are no OBD error codes and adjustments have been made with no luck. It might be an electrical problem? Has anyone dealt with something they can relate to? Looking forward to any tips and/or guidance in this dedicated forum. Very much appreciated!

Hi Ronald,

This forum is for the first generation of XKs - 1948 - 1961 (I think I got those dates right)
I think you want the XK8 forum - XK8 - Jag-lovers Forums

Best of luck with sorting out your hood gremlin :slight_smile:

Thank you for pointing this out, JonV2. There doesn’t seem to be one dedicated to the XK models 2007-2015 but I moved it to the XK-8.

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It was still in the wrong category. I’ve moved it to X150, which I understand is where it belongs…

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Thank you, David. Never thought about that category number, but you are correct, mine is an X150. :slight_smile: