2007 XK not a smooth ride

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I have a 2007 XK with 19 inch Carelia wheels, I find the ride somewhat harsh compared to my previous XJ6 and present Volvo XC70. I am thinking of switching to 18 inch Venus wheels and fatter tires to improve the ride. Has anyone done this? Can anyone who has an XK with 18 inch wheels comment on its ride quality? Thanks

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I don’t own an XK, so I can’t comment from first hand experience, but I can see why you find the ride harsher. Compared to the XJ6 or XC70, I’m sure the ride is very rough. The XK is built more for sporty driving than comfort IMO. If changing wheels makes the car more enjoyable, I say go for it. Good luck.

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My 2007 XK is fitted with 20 inch wheels and 255 35ZR20 tires, and I am pleasantly surprised at the comfort of the ride, as I had expected a harsher ride from these low profile tires. I also have a 1995 XJ6, and the XK ride is obviously not as smooth as the XJ, but as I say, I don’t find it harsh.

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Hi Mike,
Thank you for your response. I also had a 1995 XJ6, in my opinion the best inline 6 ever put in a Jag with its coil packs and Ford design improvements for its last year of production. I really should have kept that car (low mileage and 100% pristine condition) instead of buying the 2007 XK but my wife put me on a 3 car limit. My XJ6 could be driven for several hours and then get out quite refreshed. My XK after 2 hours gets very uncomfortable, surprising as it is billed as a grand touring vehicle. The only issues I had with my 1995 XJ6 were the two usual problems. i.e. cracked exhaust manifolds; and rear shock bushing failure (which caused a hard-to-identify knock). I also learned not to over torque the wheel nuts or else the bolts in the wheel hubs would get wrenched out. Between 1996 and 2002 the XJ8 suffered from Nikasil cylinder lining problems so best to avoid those cars.

Happy motoring,


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Hi Bret,
Thank you for your response and encouragement, the only thing is I would kind of like some assurance that spending ~$1000 US on a set of used OEM wheels, and a further ~$1000 US on tires, will give me a better riding car. The car is billed as a grand touring car so it ought to be reasonably comfortable. Personally I don’t understand the fad for low profile tires unless one only drives on race tracks.

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Hi Roger, we have had our XJ for 15 years, as one of our ‘Summer’ cars, and the only problems so far have been the front shock bushings, and the common radio failure. I am currently on a five jag limit, but only 4 are drivable. I talked my way into the 07 XK a year ago, trading in a pretty but troublesome '99 XK8, and I must confess we haven’t done a two hour trip in it, but it remains comfortable for our usage. We are retired and don’t drive very far as a rule, and in the season, we can choose between the XK, the XJ, and the Mk2, so yes, my motoring is happy.

Hope you enjoy too.


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I have a 2012 Jaguar XK convertible . Ride is a little harsher than our 05 XJ8L , but you cant compare . The 05 is a long wheelbase car with air suspension . Our 61 Mk 2 3.8 has a nice ride , but totally different tires .
For me our XK with 19 inch wheels is a great combination of ride and handling, its a car that begs to be driven and with 5 litre power a soft ride would soon get you into trouble . The car would look awkward with 18 inch wheels . 20 inch wheels look great but give a different ride as compared with the 18 .
Drive the car a little more you will get used to the ride . Or just sell the car , it may not be for you !
Personally I love our Xk and find the ride and the seats first class , and we use it for long trips in the summer .
Just remember its NOT an XJ, which has the best ride of any car I have ever owned .That is why I have had 5 of them to date .
Kim R
2012 XK Convertible
2005 XJ8L
61 mk 11 3.8

(Kim Rutherford) #8

18 inch wheel should have read 19 in the comparisn with 20 inch .