2007 XK8 phone wont pair

I have a new Samsung cell and the blue tooth can find my phone to pair.

I don’t understand this post. Are you saying that you have a factory fitted phone in your XK8 which won’t pair with your Samsung mobile? If you are, it’s news to me that the XK8 phones have Bluetooth. Mine doesn’t. Maybe later ones do as I see yours is a 2007 and mine is 1997

Yes my previous phone docked with the XK8 hands free system. The new phone when request to dock cant be found by the Jag system

Mail](https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986) for Windows 10

Could be you new phone has Bluetooth 5.0 and your car does not recognise it.

That makes sense. Thank I will get a portable hands free.

Thank you.