2007 XKR passenger door lock problem

I just bought my 2007 XKR and love it but have found a problem with the passenger door lock. When you lock the doors with the remote all the doors appear to lock. Without the key fob remote on you the drivers door and rear hatch are locked but if you pull on the passenger door handle the alarm sounds and the door opens. The inside handle is in the locked position but the door is not locked.

Any ideas much appreciated.


Not sure if same as early Xk8. On early xk8 the inside handles go in to lock the doors. If it’s the same, is the passenger inside handle locking? It may just need freeing up and lubricating.

Thanks John, I’ve only recently bought the car and this is the only problem so far. I’ve sprayed lubrication into the lock so will see if that helps before removing the door panel and investigating further.