2008 XKR Front License option

I just committed to buy an 08 XKR with 19,000 miles. Montana requires a front license plate and the car does not have one. Aside from the factory option, which I believe involves drilling the front bumper cover, has anyone come across a less invasive option? Or am I mistaken about how the factory option?


My '08 came from a jurisdiction that required front plates. They (or something that held them) were screwed to the bumper, leaving holes. I’m unaware of whether there was a mounting bracket that actually screwed to to the bumper, although the fact that there are 3 holes suggests there might have been. Your only viable option might be to move to a more enlightened place.:grin:

I found one possible solutions at https://bigmikesperformanceparts.com/
They have a Sto N Sho plate that mounts on the bottom that might work.

I bought one of these easy install works like a dream.