2009 Jag XF noise in console when moving

Hi all, wondering if someone out there has experienced the same problem as I am having. My 2009 XF has slowly developed a spinning noise in the console which has now grown louder and harder to ignore. It sounds to me like it is inside the console towards the back, under the glove box. it sounds like something spinning and it only does it when the car is in motion. it speeds up and slows down accordingly. only thing I can think of is a speed sensor of some sort.

Has anyone else encountered this? what did it end up being?

Looks like no responses so… You need to get under the car and do an inspection. Not sure if xf has a 2 part driveshaft but if it does the centre bearing would be suspect. Other possibilities might be a dodgy universal joint. Noises from the rear end can travel up the driveshaft and be audible in that area also. Note: I do not have direct experience with an XF.

I can’t say I’ve heard from anyone with that issue before. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything inside the car that could do that. sounds like someone will need to get under the car to check it out.

Thanks for the ideas guys