2010 XK A/C compressor

(McGehee Woolf) #1

The dealership tells me my compressor is “going out”. It takes unusually long to blow cool air after start up. Does anyone have any experience with ordering a compressor from a reliable online provider of OEM or OE spec parts? I see Motorcars Ltd, Car Parts Warehouse, Parts.Jaguar Paramus and others, and the prices vary from $299 - $814. Who should I not purchase it from?

Is there any particular reason I should only have the dealership do the work compared to an experienced local mechanic that will charge me much less?

(Rob Reilly) #2

I believe you want the X150 Forum.
I would only go to a dealer if:

  1. it was still under warranty
  2. the parts were only available through dealers
    For yours, you may have a slow leak. I would first try putting in some R134a refrigerant. Any shop or lube place can do this.

(Nick 53 XK120 OTS) #3

oops…not your car’s forum,this is for XK120 140 150…not the modern,.,.but,…the reason for dealers is always the familiarity with the exact car, how parts work and fit and use of real factory parts, rather than after market., Sometimes buying your own parts results in a surcharge from the shop doing the work,ask first,

(David Jauch) #4

I moved this to the X150 list and can only add that it pays to talk to a local shop, and then there’s not much more to add to what Rob and Nick provided.

(Sean W) #5

I see this is old and hopefully you’ve resolved but to answer your question, there is nothing special or magical about the Jaguar A/C system and any competent indy mechanic can handle. I would start with a leak test before assuming the part is wearing out.