2010 XK convertible tires

(McGehee Woolf) #1

I will need new tires soon and I am interested in any feedback on which are best for “normal” driving. I do not drive aggressively.

(Kim Rutherford) #2

We have Continental tires on our 2012 XK Convertible , nice smooth ride with 19 inch wheels .

Kim R
2012 XK Convertible
2005 XJ8L
1961 Mk 11 3.8

(McGehee Woolf) #3

I jut put Continental tires on the back. They feel very nice. I will put them on the front when it’s time to change.


I have Dunlop Sport Maxx all round on 20 inch wheels and are my tyre of choice. I too do not drive aggressively and find the tyres very quiet with superb road holding in all weathers.