2010 XKR Convertible - What to look out for?

(McGehee Woolf) #1

I am close to making my purchase and would love the feedback from all you experts. Which consistent issues I should check for prior to signing the dotted line?

(Kim Rutherford) #2

The water pumps on the 5 litre engine are suspect , the design having been changed several times up to the end of the run at 2015. . Had my dealership change the pump on our 2012 XK . When it came off it was beginning to leak . Fortunatley for me it was done under warranty . Cost would have been approx $1200.
Just a heads up !
Kim R.
2012 XK Convertible
2005 XJ8L
61 Mk 11 3.8

(McGehee Woolf) #3

Thanks so much Kim!

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