2012 XF Portfolio 19K miles - issues

Hello all. Looking for some advice, interested in a 2012 XF Portfolio with 19K miles. Would like to know any known issues I should look for in my pre-purchase inspection. This will replace my wife’s 2014 Honda Accord, 140K trouble free miles, and need to be sure she gets a nice dependable car.
I currently own a 48 MK4 as well as a 03 XK8 so am well aware of the trials, tribulations and enjoyment associated with Jaguar ownership. I tell folks "anyone can own a (car of choice) but it takes dedication to own a Jaguar!

Tks for your time.

There are a handful of issues the XF is known for, though some of them may have been sorted out by 2012. Things to check would be the dash which is known for the leather bubbling or coming loose, delamination of the windshield, broken wires in the boot wire harness, and damage to the wheels from potholes and curbs. Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if any of the plastic coolant hoses have been replaced as they’re known to become brittle.

Also, as with any Jag, make sure everything works as it should because everything is controlled by a separate module which are each stupid expensive to buy new. Check things like the rain sensor for the wipers, HD radio function, climate controls, etc.

Let us know if you pull the trigger on it.

@wylde8, tks. “Plastic cooling hoses” really? I know Jaguar is infamous for plastic parts on the interior becoming brittle as that is one of the issues with my XK8 but plastic " cooling hoses". That may warn me away . I was aware of the dash issue.
As a Jaguar “family” member I was hopeing Jaguar would have learned to use quality components by 2012.

My 2008 V6 petrol with 121k miles recently needed a water pump and I had a good look at the hoses. One was changed that looked a bit iffy but the rest were in good shape after 13 years and my 2000, 4 litre S Type still had its plastic thermostat housing after 22 years without any problems. The only part in the cooling system on that one I ever changed was the plastic header tanks that had developed a leak.

I think people tend to worry too much about this kind of stuff.


@Eric_Capron , tks. That’s good to know. Yes I tend to agree, I follow and love various forums and we have to remember, for the most part, forums are populated with two types of people: 1- enthusiasts who obsess with maintenance 2- people who are having issues. All the while the vast majority go about happily driving the car they own.

Exactly. Buy the car and enjoy it.

I have to say, much as I love the S Type, XF is just so much better. (I’m talking about the steel one not the aluminium one). Mine is no 303 off the line so a very early production car but it really impresses. My only regret is that I didn’t buy a V8.

Yes, there is some coolant piping on these cars that is typically hidden beneath other components that is known to crack over time. If you do some research you’ll find that everyone recommends changing all of them when the water pump gets changed and vice versa (they seem to have similar lifespans). These components are actually one of my biggest worries on my XFR as I’m nearing 100k miles.

That being said, I certainly wouldn’t avoid these cars because of it. Its just something to be cognizant of, not to mention good luck finding a modern car that isn’t built similarly.