2014 F type Convertible failure

Convertible top won’t work (latching mechanism) immediately after going through touchless carwash. Dealership service cannot figure out the problem. Anyone know of an EXPERIENCED jaguar convertible technician in northern Milwaukee area? Also was told by dealership service dept that the wiring diagrams for the top wiring harness have incorrect colors listed. Am a brand new (used) Jag owner and wanting my klunky old (but never failing) '91 Miata back. No “systems” to fail there!

Welcome, Heidi! If there’s anyone in your area, doubtless you’ll get a reply.

Ownership of a Jag, versus ownership of a Miata is…textbook definition of, “One of these is NOT like the other.”



I can’t help you with the local tech question, but welcome, and sorry to hear about the convertible top problem.

These are very capable cars, hopefully you’ll have lots of fun with it once this issue is fixed.


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If the 2014 F-Type convertible top system designers stole anything from the 1960’s Lincoln (fully automated) top system…

Remove the access cover and dry everything out. Clean anything that even looks like it’ll move or sense the relationship between the top and the windshield.

The top’s header has to detect separately:

  • Contact with windshield header
  • Latch mech unlocked
  • Latch mech locked
  • Top header Seated on windshield

There are only so many valid combinations. A shorted or jammed switch will report an invalid combination. DOES NOT COMPUTE!

See if there is a way to access the top controller’s error code?

Don’t drive in the rain, or go thru car washes…No problems in my '67E

This May help, there is plenty of information on Jaguarforums.com relating to vert problems.
Frank MY 16 S coupe

You take your beast through car washes? Never have. Too much can go wrong to include those tricky 02 sensors.
Just curious if any professional top place can fix it. Jag will just send it out to get fixed. They are only mechanical.

Is this your primary car? If not, just don’t take it through car washes, or just leave the top down like I do and keep it garaged. You really need a second car, and most Jag people will tell you that. Really sorry to hear about your problems. Things will get better as you ‘adjust’ to expecting things to happen.