2014 XKR iPod connection

(Dave McDowell) #1

I just purchased a 2014 XKR Coupe to replace my 2007 XK Coupe. The electronics and stereo on the 2014 are much better that my '07. Question - The newer iPods have a lightning-style connection. The 2014 XKR connections are different. I’m sure an adapter is available. However, the Owner’s manual states the car will only work with an earlier version of the iPods. Has anyone resolved this? In addition, I tried connecting via the USB port but the car still doesn’t recognize my device. Thoughts?

(Sean W) #2

give this a try. I use it on mine. I have a 6th gen nano. I have retro fitted my car to the same set up as you.

(Dave McDowell) #3

I need a male connector, not a female one.


(Dave McDowell) #4

I was wrong I do need a male connector. I tried the part you suggested but it is too wide to fit in the slot.


(Sean W) #5

can you attach a pic of the connector in the car and the iPod connector? Also which model iPod? This should be fairly easy to resolve

(Dave McDowell) #6

Sean - See photo below. I got it to work with an older iPhone 4 and an adapter. It will play music off the iPhone. My newer iPod Nano is not recognized even with a lightning adapter. The car recognizes a devise but the Folder indicates there is no music media available. Thanks


Dave McDowell

(Sean W) #7

right, good news Dave. The pic didn’t come through but it sounds like you resolved. BTW, my iPod is an iPod Touch 5th generation, not a nano 6th gen that I mentioned earlier. Bought it off CL for dirt cheap.
Glad it was resolved. And come to think of it, I don’t connect the iPod to the cable using the adapter anymore. I use a Bovee BT plugged into the adapter and use it that way.

(Dave McDowell) #8

Sean -

Sorry the image didn’t come through. See attached. I see that you solved the issue by acquiring an XKR software compatible iPob Touch that will work with your car. That may be the easiest solution for me. I’m open to other suggestions, though. Thanks



(Sean W) #9

OK thanks. When I retrofitted mine, I have Volvo cables and not the receptacle. This may do the trick

(Dave McDowell) #10

Thanks. Have you tried the Bovee 1000? The reviews for it indicate it didn’t work in a 2012 XK. The 30-pin connector didn’t fit.