2017 F-type 15K miles with a tiny coolant leak

Prepping the car for the OIL LEAK trip the other day and was changing the oil even though it had only been 600 miles since the last change a year ago. Removing under pan cover discover a trace of coolant on one of the plastic thermostat attached hoses. I had not added any coolant, the level was correct. It looks like they can not detect where the leak is, so are taking a shotgun approach and replacing everything?
List of parts comes to $664. a bunch of minor parts and a new water pump and thermostat housing. Plastic parts short-lived is very sad but the norm today.
If the car is not finished tomorrow will have to take the XK8. This dealership a year ago had Jaguars and Land Rovers for sale, on-line they have 3 Jaguars listed and a showroom full of LandRovers, not a Jag in sight. And this is in So. California? Not a good sign for Jaguar. Must add their customer service is terrible, Jaguar is in trouble here.

Here in Wisconsin even the domestic dealers’ lots are deserted. We wanted to buy a new Silverado and dealer had one on the lot. We ordered a new one and are working through their allocations. We could get one built this week if we wanted a 4 cylinder. We passed on that and will wait for next week’s allocation update. I can’t imagine that other car companies are fairing any better. The VW dealer wrote me asking to buy my 2013 Golf with 60k miles on it. OK, but then what is available for me to buy? Nada. Hope your coolant leak gets resolved. I had the system pressure checked in my 2017 earlier in the year, hope it holds together.

Got the car back late Friday and my confidence in these modern Jags is at a low point. Sunday will be leaving on a 2K+ mile trip and I hope for the best. They replaced about all the plastic tubes and bits because they were brittle. Supercharger and intercoolers removed and replaced new seals. To quote what I was told, a supercharger puts a lot of stress on these cooling systems. Keep in mind this is a 4-year-old car with 15K miles. Will this be a job that needs to be done every 4 years?
My E-type seems bulletproof compared to the F. Work is all done under warranty and I am covered for another year. They tried to sell me two new front tires and alignment that was not necessary. When I purchased this certified car rear tires had just been replaced and the car was already on its 2nd set upfront. I Will put the car up on the lift tomorrow and give it a good look over. The top engine cover I am going to leave off in an effort to keep the plastic bits cooler.

Deficient plastic application is the root cause of the vast majority (IMHO) of the problems encountered by Jaguars of the past 25 years. Apparently the same engineers back then are still working there today, or they still use the same plastics application handbooks.

It isn’t plastic inherently, because what other marques have had this many failures of plastic parts in critical mechanical areas? And it’s got to be Jaguar specific, because the products of previous owner Ford didn’t have the same chronic failings (and the problems continue a decade after Ford sold Jaguar.)

Other, lower-end nameplates don’t have these problems at the same frequency level. I don’t think it’s because I notice them as a Jaguar owner or follower. Every marque has some examples, but not as many IMHO on a per-capita or model basis as Jaguar.


I just went into the garage to check on some things. The car has sat for 4 hours with the engine cover off, supercharger is so hot I can’t keep my hand on it. When I first got the car I hooked up OBD reader while driving and observed coolant temp of 228 deg. F. This is a very hot operating engine and plastic does not stand a chance. Will be headed to Death Valley on Sunday and will leave the engine cover off. As we head for cooler/wetter weather I will replace cover.

My friends with German cars also complain about plastic failures.