2018 Jaguar F-Pace Impressions

I had the opportunity to spend some time with a brand new 2018 model year Jaguar F-Pace 25t Premium recently, and thought I’d share my impressions.

First of all, it says “25t” on the back, so you’d be forgiven for thinking there was a 2.5 liter engine under the hood. But alas, it’s only a 2.0. On a more positive note, it’s an Ingenium, which makes it sound as if Jaguar has invented a whole new form of metal alloy that gives engines super powers.


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The key takeaway, from your well-written article…

“…nobody listens to us, and for good reason. Jaguar will probably sell more of this model than of any Jaguar model preceding it.”

Marketing and focus group engineering…:persevere:

Another takeaway is that women are a real force in the auto market right now. Sad.

Um…please tell me yer joking…

Nope, I think women are the reason Maserati also makes an SUV. I thought Maserti was the luxury GT Ferrari? I guess not any more. The world has gone mad. Whenever that happens, girls are closely involved.

I totally agree. How dare businesses manufacture products that might appeal to 50% of the population. .
I’d consider boycotting any business that does that.

.Posted as facetiously as I assume your post was. :smile:


Yes, facetious… facetious, but true. How dare car manufactures entertain change. Change for the worse, that is!

Seriously, isn’t a luxury-utility vehicle oxymoronic? Apparently not, according to the crazy half of the population.

I would love to see what percentage of luxury SUVs are purchased by single men… who aren’t dating a well-to-do girl… with lots of gossipy friends.

All my life, Ive tried to distance myself from that half, but… men just keep getting crazier.


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I’ve always found the term “Luxury Car” amusing. To my way of thinking if you have to drive it yourself it isn’t really luxury, it’s just a nice, well appointed car. Luxury is when you are in the back seat relaxing while someone in a uniform featuring jodhpurs is driving. :smile:


Yes, yes, exactly my point. Men seem to intuitively understand that if it makes sense it cannot be a fun sports car. This infusion of female sanity is ruining EVERTHING!

You’ve mistaken my drift: to me, as evidenced by a great deal of the world, it’s the males who are insane, MUCH more so than the women.

Unless, I am COMPLETELY missing your Poe…:crazy_face:

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Right, exactly. Women are practical and sensible and that sentiment has NO PLACE in the world of fun or luxury automobiles. What’s next, Indy cars with cup holders and a nav system?

I agree with the OP, this trend of turning automotive legends into boring, near-idendical SUV fleet providers is the beginning of the end. I blame it squarely on sane people (AKA girls). I wish they would stop.

OK… you got me…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ha ha, ok, I think we agree. All this sanity really is crazy.

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