2018 XF at the dealer for service

I have the 2018. XF Sportbrake wagon. We purchased it last year with an extended warranty.
The center console screen display went out last month.
It has been in the service department for over a week. Technician confirmed the display is bad. Everytime I call the service manager he says they are waiting for Jaguar central to approve the replacement.
No loner car and no finish time in sight!
How long will this go on? If I have to wait like this everytime for service I will be looking to go back to Porsche or any other make!

Not quite sure what your question is. Maybe the display is temporarily unavailable due to the world wide component shortages that are affecting all car makers.
If you’re having no joy with the dealer, perhaps you could contact Jaguar customer services directly. (+44 345 303 2303).

I’m asking if this type of service is common? Is it my dealer just doing this? This is the only Jaguar dealer in my state. Next nearest dealer is 300 miles away.
I was hoping for high quality service and honesty - maybe I’m asking for to much.
If it continues I will call the number you gave me, thanks!
Frustrated, just venting.

If it is certified pre owned, my bet is that they are trying to get the claim approved; I am guessing that the warranty people are saying that it was a pre-existing condition and that the dealer should have fixed it during the pre sale reconditioning.

Purchased the XF 7 months ago. Yes, CPO’ed.

Went to the service department today. Jaguar UK has approved the replacement of the screen, but does want more information on the broken part. They cannot order the part until Tuesday, today is Saturday and Monday is a holiday (4th of July).
Unknown if the part is stocked at a US warehouse or it has to be ordered. I took the car home to be able to use it until the part arrives at the dealer.

The new screen arrived. Install time was less than 2 hours.
Happy XF owner again!

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So it’s funny–we also have a 2018 XF-S Sportbrake that we bought in early 2020 as a CPO. This month, our monitor did not go out, but our infortainment software is on the blink. We keep getting a recurring error message on the screen that says the computer cannot read the SD card that is loaded through the slot in the center console. We can still get radio (including satellite radio) reception, but we are not able to connect our iPhones through the USB drive/cable plugged into the center console. Sometimes we cannot change the drive mode (“Normal,” “Dynamic,” etc.). There is a miniature screen between the tach and speedo on the driver’s dash, and that used to display the channel or iPod track that was playing, but no more. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity is no longer working at all. No more GPS map (although we found that onboard GPS to be utterly worthless in any event). We recall that a few weeks ago, SiriusXM did a software update via the satellite antenna, and it seems to have been on the blink since that update.

Has anyone else had a problem with software glitches on the infotainment system? Is there any easy fix at the dealer, like reloading the software program?

No, never had a problem like that. My new center screen has been working great.

I am always leary of software updates on anything.